Joel’s Meat Cake

29 Mar

Joel is a Detroit Tigers fan. Bless his heart
Joel is also a man, and loves meat and potatoes.
So…. I made him a Detroit Tigers Meat Cake!
Yes… This “cake” is made of three layers of meatloaf iced with mashed potatoes!
The Men Loved it!


Halloween Costume

28 Mar

This was a project I did for a friend of mines son. The mother and father are very big SONS OF ANARCHY fans and they thought it would be an awesome and funny thing to have there 3 year old son Jim dress as a SOA for Halloween. Hilariously there name is Addis.

Vote For Butch!

7 Mar

Tybee Mardi Gras

4 Mar


Here are the finished pictures from the windows at Spanky’s.


This is NOT twilight

4 Mar

I have a wonderful coworker and her birthday is this weekend. Brooke is wonderfully lighthearted and youthful. She loves her some Twilight. Here are some pictures of her Twilight gift, the contents of these DVDs are a total surprise!
I bought a copy of the novel Twilight at a local thrift store and  cut off the paperback cover to insert inside the DVD packaging. What do you think?

New To WordPress

1 Mar

Hi there! My name is Shannon Donahue and I make stuff. I am hoping to showcase that stuff here on my blog. Please be patient I am new to wordpress and I am sure I’m gonna screw up a few things before I get it all figured out!

Hello world!

1 Mar

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!